About us

Military & Police Equipment

PRI is the Karrimor SF UK Distributor and we supply specialist Military & Police Clothing & Equipment. Our customers range from UK Police Forces, the UK Ministry of Defence, Fire Departments, Medical Departments, Mountain Rescue as well as serious outdoor enthusiasts. 

PRI is the current contractor for the UK MOD - Infantry 45 litre Bergen, Individual Hydration system, ECM Bergen, BOWMAN Radio Bergen, 60mm Mortar Bergen, contracted on design & development on all other Soldier System Programme requirements & previously down selected for the “PECOC” programme whilst delivering the load carriage solutions for the “FIST” & BOWMAN Prime contractors.

We also supply the Met Police with the Met Field suit as well as supplying many other poilce forces in the UK with specialist tactical equipment. Police Resources International Ltd is a design and development organisation leading the way in innovative load carriage systems. Our in-house design team offer bespoke, intelligent solutions utilising both military and civilian technology (Karrimor SF) to reduce weight and burden for the end-user.


Military Equipment by Police Resources International