Brite Strike

Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products Inc. was started by two police officers, to create world class tactical flashlights that had the features that police officers and citizens need to keep them safe.

Brite-Strike makes a promise to always use the latest technology, world class components, highest design and manufacturing standards, so you can rely on your Brite-Strike® light when you need it.

We only make tactical flashlights with the latest LED and DPM (Digital Power Management) chip technology, as older LED and incandescent lighting technology cannot compare.

Brite-Strike® Professional Tactical LED lights and Lighting solutions were designed by police officers for the needs of police officers and SWAT teams. We designed lights that could meet real world standards for ease of operation that never require any twisting or turning that requires two hands.

APALS - 80+ Hour Light Strips (10 pack)

£35.20   £17.60 (Including VAT)

Duty Light Camera

£439.99 (Including VAT)