Load Carriage

Police Resources International provides a full range of Load Carriage solutions for Police, Military, Climbers and Explorers. PRI is the UK distributor for Karrimor SF and the Berghaus Military products.

We hold many military contracts with the UK Ministry of Defence, providing Load Carriage solutions for UK troops operating in theatre. Our Load Carriage collection includes the Karrimor SF Sabre and Karrimor SF Predator range.

Gladius 90 BHDD

£135.00 (Including VAT)

Gladius 110 Wheel BHDD

£285.00 (Including VAT)

Gladius 140 Wheel BHDD

£300.00 (Including VAT)

SMPS Dragbag Long

£225.00 (Including VAT)

Upload Laptop Bag - KarrimorSF

£124.00 (Including VAT)

Gladius 100 Stash Duffel BHDD

£90.00 (Including VAT)

SMPS Dragbag Long Harness & Belt

£55.00 (Including VAT)

Thor 40 Coyote
THOR 40 - KarrimorSF

£170.00 (Including VAT)


£298.00 (Including VAT)

ODIN 75 Multicam
ODIN 75 - KarrimorSF

£308.00 (Including VAT)