MOLLE Compatible

MOLLE is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. It is used to define the current generation of load-bearing equipment and backpacks utilized by a number of NATO armed forces, especially the British Army and the United States Army. The system's modularity is derived from the use of PALS webbing as rows of heavy-duty nylon stitched onto a product to allow for the attachment of various MOLLE-compatible pouches and accessories. This method of attachment has become standard for modular tactical gear for the US & UK armed forces.

Thor 40 Coyote
THOR 40 - KarrimorSF

£159.00 (Including VAT)

ODIN 75 Multicam
ODIN 75 - KarrimorSF

£285.00 (Including VAT)

LOKI - Stock arriving in October 2018

£210.00 (Including VAT)