PRI is the UK Master Distributor for LOKSAK

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PRI is delighted to be the UK Master Distributor for LOKSAK

LOKSAK, Inc. of Naples, FL is the inventor and manufacturer of the aLOKSAK® and OPSAK storage bags and SPLASHSAK carrying cases. These fantastic products are the only resealable and completely waterproof, dust proof and humidity proof storage bags on the consumer market.

LOKSAK is a resealable, flexible storage bag offering protection to your valuables from all the elements.

OPSAK bags are also resealable and ideal to store food while camping or walking. The Odour-proof bags ensure your food does not attract the attention of animals and other pesky critters.

This SHIELDSAK was designed for all types of mobile devices including, but not limited to- Smartphones, Tablets and the popular iPad. When the item is placed in the SHIELDSAK and sealed correctly, the item and its file contents become secure. Signals are blocked from entering or leaking from the bag. Phones will not ring. Items with ID chips, like passports and credit cards, cannot be scanned. Vital information is secure and tracking is impossible.

We now have a superior range of products to suit police, military and outdoor users such walkers and bushcraft enthusiasts. These  are available to order by our retailers by calling 01392 444700

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