PLCE Personal Load Carrying Equipment is the British Army’s current webbing system. The current evolution of PLCE dates back to 1992 but is still the issue system today.

The system consists of a padded belt, yoke or shoulder harness, various pouches and a series of packs or Bergens. The system allows the pouches to be attached to the belt in the required format to suit different operating roles and environments.

Karrimor SF PLCE Yoke with Sabre Side PocketsThe yoke is attached to the belt and pouches to provide additional support to the belt as well as transfering the load to the shoulders. In addition a separate yoke can be utilised to create a small daysack using the detachable Bergen side pockets. The yoke allows the side pockets to be attached singularly or as a pair to create the different daysack options. The very popular Rucksack or Bergen is a 100 litre pack with detachable side pockets which are attached using quick release clips and the standard PLCE zips.

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