PRI awarded UK MoD PLCE Contract

PLCE Yoke with Side Pockets

PRI Awarded UK MoD PLCE Contract

Police Resources International Ltd. is pleased to announce that in addition to existing work with the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), the company has recently been awarded the contract for the UK Armed Forces Personal Load Carriage Equipment (PLCE).

This prestigious contract was successfully awarded to PRI Ltd through open competition.

The PLCE system forms the backbone of the load carriage solution provided to the UK Armed Forces and is battlefield proven. The PLCE system was developed originally by the UK MoD based on the 1975 pattern equipment used in the Falklands conflict and elements can be traced back even further to 1958 pattern and beyond all the way back to 1860. PLCE is also known as 90’ pattern equipment based on the date of introduction into service with the UK Armed Forces, so has a long history of service in itself.

Using high-quality materials and components with exacting specification requirements from the UK MOD, PLCE is engineered and manufactured to ensure that the soldier in the field, has a highly reliable equipment to conduct combat operations at a high tempo. The core of the system is the yoke and belt which are integrated together and allow the carriage of various pouches containing the soldiers essential equipment, such as ammunition and basic medical supplies. This load can be gradually increased or decreased depending on demand. An Infantry and medical rucksack (or Bergen as they are known in service) are also included within PLCE, which allows the carriage of additional clothing and equipment as well as versions for medical supplies.

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