Quick Release Modular

Quick Release Modular Instructions 

TheQuick Release Modular (QRM) system offers enhanced functionality with reduced weight and improved reliability. As a registered design the QRM system eliminates the need for heavy and potentially unreliable directional poppers previously used in similar applications.

The QRM system also has the advantage of allowing pouches to be removed extremely fast when required. QRM also ensures that your kit is secured until required even under extreme conditions. QRM pouches are compatible with existing modular webbing attachments.

Look out for the QRM Compatible tag -  QRM Compatible Tab

User Instruction Document

Decide on the location for the QRM pouch in relation to the host products modular webbing. Use the top of the pouch to locate the appropriate webbing loops on the rucsac.

Flip the QRM pouch up revealing the webbing on the pouch back as well as on the rucsac. Feed the ends of the QRM webbing through the first loops of webbing ensure the straps on the QRM pouch are both straight and flat.



Using the stiffened ends of the QRM modular webbing begin feeding/weaving the product onto the modular webbing present on the rucsac. 








At the end of the weaving process the straps should be fed through the lowest loop on the rucsac and then folded back over this and insert into the lowest loops present on the QRM pouch



To quick release the QRM pouch pull the stiffened end pieces of the QRM webbing out of the lowest loops of the pouch/rucsac. Locate and pull the webbing at the top of the pouch. The QRM webbing should release with the webbing passing through the loops on the pouch and rucsac.







For a PDF copy of this guide, please click here - Quick Release Modular Quide